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At Huntley Eye Care, we believe in doing what is best for your eyes!  We understand that some vision plans only cover eyeglasses or contact lenses but not both.  We do not want our patients to sacrifice their eye health just because their vision plans do not cover their eye care needs.


So for our contact lens patients that opt to use their vision benefits towards their contact lenses, we are offering a eyeglass package so that you can still afford to update your eyeglasses to your most current prescription.


Our discounted eyeglasses package makes it affordable for you to purchase selected frames and single vision lenses for only $99.


It's important to keep your eyeglasses up-to-date with your most current prescription so that you can give your eyes a rest from contact lens wear.  Or in situations where you are unable to wear your contact lenses, you need to have that back up pair of eyeglasses ready for you to see!


Other discounts for glasses!


Purchase a pair of eyeglasses (frames and lenses) and get an additional pair for 50% off!

*Promotion works for glasses purchased on the same day.


Purchase a pair of eyeglasses (frames and lenses) and get an additional pair for 30% off!

*Promotion applies once the patient picks up their first pair of glasses and expires 30 days after the date of pickup.



Order a year supply of contact lenses and get a pair of  POLARIZED sunglasses for $35!

*Promotion will apply same day patient orders a year supply of contacts. This promotion does not apply to all sunglasses.



***All promotion have some restriction that may apply. Ask a staff for more details!

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